Street Light Boutique

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Who is Street Light Boutique?

Rahlou and Que Sera are a husband and wife producer/songwriter/DJ duo that reside in Brooklyn, New York. Together, they make Street Light Boutique. The duo brings a collective expression that crosses cultural and gender boundaries, allowing for a feel-good experience that appeals to diverse audiences. Their anticipated EP, is set to be released Fall '17. They currently maintain DJ residencies at Doris Bed Stuy and Threes Brewing in Brooklyn, NY. 

Street Light Boutique's music songs are tributes to the sexiness of liberation and the marriage between lust and love--blending dance, house, rap, jungle, and trap into a music sub-genre the couple coin Northern Bass. Layered over the energetic sounds are the duo's perspectives on life and fulfillment that will have you surely proclaiming words of affirmation and freedom.